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Lifestyle Photography: Price vs Quality

Fandom House™ Studio

Should I Trust A Photographer's Great Price?

For the consumer looking for value during one of life's most important and memorable events: Evaluating affordability and prices that are "to good to believe" can be easier said than done...Most lower prices are due to a photographer breaking into a new genre or having a recent track record. Brides and Grooms shopping for a mix in creativity & great value should be able to see a balance in those offers and claims, balanced with other qualities like a photographer's credibility that can be indicated by some other form of a proven aesthetic track record. Ask for it!...Yes, smart pricing by a photographer or studio is smart marketing, but how does the consumer know when pricing is "smart" and not "cheap"? Check!

Profiles, galleries, years in the creative arts and professional recognition & awards are all details that can offer credibility to a photographer that is offering services in a relatively new genre and is asking for trust along with most likely "temporary" low prices! Look for samples of creative talent that can translate to exceptional photography and videography. Lighting, compositing, rendering, retouching...all skills that can be shown in many mediums so at a minimum, be savvy, look for talent and creativity. It should be there in some form or another and can help you find the photographer or videographer with the talent and price you've been looking for!


Based out of Riverside Ca., Fandom House™ Lifestyle is Founded With over 20 Years of Award Winning Hollywood Entertainment Marketing Design Experience that includes

decades of achievement in aesthetic technique. Contact Us.

Fandom House™ Studio 4280 Latham St Ste D Riverside Ca 92501 (951)200-3288

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